DOI: 10.3390/d15090988 ISSN:

A New Genus and Two New Species of Short-Palped Crane Flies (Diptera: Limoniidae) from Central Asia

Sigitas Podenas, Jon Gelhaus, Virginija Podeniene, Vladimir Devyatkov, Oyunchuluun Yadamsuren, Maria Fernanda Torres Jimenez
  • Nature and Landscape Conservation
  • Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous)
  • Ecological Modeling
  • Ecology

A new genus of Limoniidae crane flies, Tauroconopa gen. nov., is described from specimens of two new species from north-central and western Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Descriptions and illustrations of the distinguishing morphological features, including wing venation, male and female genitalia, and larval and pupal stages are provided. A discussion is presented of the possible classification of Tauroconopa gen. nov., and three species of western North American Symplecta (Psiloconopa) are transferred to Tauroconopa gen. nov. based primarily on their aedeagal structure. Certain deficiencies are outlined in the current identification keys for Holarctic Chioneinae crane flies, and this new genus does not key satisfactorily in the present generic keys. The use of molecular sequences (DNA “barcoding”) allowed for initial identification of the larval stages of Tauroconopa gen. nov. from unreared but associated specimens. A phylogenetic analysis of Tauroconopa gen. nov. is presented based on DNA barcoding evidence and confirms the isolated position of this new genus from other Chioneinae. Habitat information for each species is presented.

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