Min Ma, Mingrui Du, Qiuyue Feng, Shiji Xiahou

A new particle filter algorithm filtering motion artifact noise for clean electrocardiogram signals in wearable health monitoring system

  • Instrumentation

With the evolution of wearable systems, more and more people tend to wear wearable devices for health monitoring during sports. However, a large amount of motion artifact noise is introduced at this time, which is difficult to filter out due to its stochasticity. The amplitude and characteristics of motion artifact noise vary with changes in motion intensity. In order to filter out the motion artifact noise, the paperproposes a new particle algorithm, which can detect the intensity of the motion artifact for adaptive filtering, especiallysuitable for wearable health monitoring systems. In this algorithm, variational mode decomposition was first introduced to analyze the noisy electrocardiogram (ECG) signal in order to find the clean components. Then, the Laguerre estimation technique was applied to obtain an accurate ECG polar model. Taking this model as the state equation, a particle filter algorithm was defined to filter out the motion artifact noise. In the particle filter algorithm, we defined a parameter γ whose values were obtained from the six-axis data of motion sensor MPU6050 in our wearable device. This parameter γ could reflect the current noise levels and adaptively update the particle weights. Finally, some exercise experiments proved that the parameter γ could map the motion artifacts in real time and also demonstrated the superiority of the algorithm in terms of signal-to-noise ratio improvement and error reduction compared to other algorithms. The new particle filter algorithm proposed in this paper combines the six-axis data (three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope) with the ECG signal to effectively eliminate a large amount of motion artifact noise, thus solving the problem of excess noise from wearable devices when people are exercising, allowing them to accurately obtain real-time ECG health information.

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