DOI: 10.1002/xrs.3412 ISSN: 0049-8246

A new compact micro‐XRF spectrometer with polychromatic x‐ray sample excitation

Peter Wobrauschek, Dieter Ingerle, Josef Prost, Sangita Dhara, Nand Lal Mishra, Michael Iro, Christina Streli
  • Spectroscopy


A new compact micro‐x‐ray fluorescence (μ‐XRF) spectrometer covering wide range of elements was developed and fabricated. The working capabilities of this new compact custom‐made μ‐XRF spectrometer are presented. The spectrometer uses a low power Rh target x‐ray tube for sample excitation. Polycapillary optics focuses the polychromatic beam down to 40 μm. The emitted radiation is measured by a peltier cooled silicon drift detector of 30 mm2 crystal size. It was observed that the polychromatic excitation provides sufficient photons for an efficient excitation of the sample to achieve good detection limit and area resolution. The detection limits are comparable with that one obtained by TXRF for a thin film sample. The advantage of the present setup, is the fact that it is suitable for specific applications for example, for radioactive and toxic samples requiring instrument adoption in glove boxes or fume hoods because of its good analytical features accompanied by simple and compact instrumentation.

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