DOI: 10.3390/fractalfract8030162 ISSN: 2504-3110

A New Approach to Multiroot Vectorial Problems: Highly Efficient Parallel Computing Schemes

Mudassir Shams, Naila Rafiq, Bruno Carpentieri, Nazir Ahmad Mir
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
  • Analysis

In this article, we construct an efficient family of simultaneous methods for finding all the distinct as well as multiple roots of polynomial equations. Convergence analysis proves that the order of convergence of newly constructed family of simultaneous methods is seventeen. Fractal-based simultaneous iterative algorithms are thoroughly examined. Using self-similar features, fractal-based simultaneous schemes can converge to solutions faster, saving computational time and resources necessary for solving nonlinear equations. Fractals analysis illustrates the newly developed method’s global convergence behavior when compared to single root-finding procedures for solving fractional order polynomials that arise in complex engineering applications. Some real problems from various branches of engineering along with some higher degree polynomials are considered as test examples to show the global convergence property of simultaneous methods, performance and efficiency of the proposed family of methods. Further computational efficiencies, CPU time and residual graphs are also drawn to validate the efficiency, robustness of the newly introduced family of methods as compared to the existing methods in the literature.

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