DOI: 10.1177/11206721231222792 ISSN: 1120-6721

A new approach for single-haptic retropupillary iris-claw lens subluxation - The “fencing” technique

Júlio Almeida, Tomás R. Costa, Maria Vivas, Catarina Monteiro, Fernando T. Vaz, Diana S. Silva, Isabel Prieto
  • Ophthalmology
  • General Medicine


Single-haptic iris-claw intraocular lens (IOL) dislocation is not an uncommon complication. A few different surgical techniques are available for its refixation but usually involve a more invasive approach. We aim to demonstrate an original and simple approach for refixation of single haptic retropupillary iris-claw IOL subluxations.


We present a case of an 80-year-old male with a single haptic retropupillary iris-claw IOL subluxation in a previously vitrectomized eye. We used a new surgical approach to refix this type of subluxation.


This new technique uses only two 30-gauge needles (one of them connected to a viscosurgical device) to re-enclavate the subluxated haptic of the retropupillary iris-claw IOL. By minimising surgical manipulation, the patient's postoperative period was uneventful.


We highlight a new, quick, safe, and unusual surgical approach to single-haptic retropupillary iris-claw IOL dislocation in vitrectomized eyes. Because of its characteristics, we named it the “fencing” IOL repositioning technique.

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