DOI: 10.3390/jmse11081632 ISSN:

A Modulation Recognition System for Underwater Acoustic Communication Signals Based on Higher-Order Cumulants and Deep Learning

Run Zhang, Chengbing He, Lianyou Jing, Chaopeng Zhou, Chao Long, Jiachao Li
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Water Science and Technology
  • Civil and Structural Engineering

Underwater acoustic channels, influenced by time-varying, space-varying, frequency-varying, and multipath effects, pose significant interference challenges to underwater acoustic communication (UWAC) signals, especially in non-cooperative scenarios. The task of modulating and identifying distorted signals faces huge challenges. Although traditional modulation recognition methods can be useful in the radio field, they often prove inadequate in underwater environments. This paper introduces a modulation recognition system for recognizing UWAC signals based on higher-order cumulants and deep learning. The system achieves blind recognition of received UWAC signals even under non-cooperative conditions. Higher-order cumulants are employed due to their excellent noise resistance, enabling the differentiation of OFDM signals from PSK and FSK signals. Additionally, the high-order spectra differences among signals are utilized for the intra-class recognition of PSK and FSK signals. Both simulation and lake test results substantiate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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