DOI: 10.1063/1.1702656 ISSN:

A Model for Boundary Diffusion Controlled Creep in Polycrystalline Materials

R. L. Coble
  • General Physics and Astronomy

The creep rate (ė) predicted by the boundary diffusion (Db) model is ė≃150σDbWΩ/(GS)3kT, where σ is the stress, W is the boundary width, (GS) is the average grain size, and Ω is vacancy volume. The stress dependence is the same as the lattice diffusion model, given by C. Herring, while the grain size dependence and the numerical constant are greater for boundary diffusion. Discussion of the mechanism of creep in polycrystalline alumina is based on the differences between the lattice and boundary diffusion models.

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