DOI: 10.3397/in_2023_0389 ISSN: 0736-2935

A model-based approach for gear train whine noise reduction by mesh phasing modification

Mattia Battarra, Francesco Pizzolante, Alberto Frulli, Stefano Meleti, Emiliano Mucchi

Heavily loaded gear trains are known to produce a characteristic whine noise and vibration signature, which radiates through the bearings producing an undesired noise emission affecting the NVH behavior of the overall machine. This phenomenon is generated by the variable mesh stiffness and the static transmission error of the gear pairs in mesh within the gear train, but its magnitude strongly depends on how the meshing processes combine between each others. In this context, the present work proposes an analytical methodology to predict amplitude and direction of the variable loads applied on the bearings of idle gears, assuming quasi-static conditions. The dissertation demonstrates that the multiple mesh forces produce a variable load on idle gear bearings describing an ellipse whose shape depends on various geometrical parameters of the system. Numerical examples are shown to assess the potentials of the method and highlight how gear train spatial layout and phasing between different meshings may be used during gearbox design projects to limit the emitted noise of the gear train.

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