DOI: 10.3390/aerospace10090772 ISSN:

A Methodology for Allocating Incremental Resources in Single-Airport Time Slots

Shuce Wang, Minghua Hu, Zhening Chang, Xuhao Zhu
  • Aerospace Engineering

Air carriers shall not readily relinquish their held flight slots. In cases where the historical flight slot pool cannot be easily altered, a pressing need arises for an allocation method that can efficiently utilize the incremental resources of these time slots. This paper presents an integer planning model to address the efficient allocation of incremental airport time slot resources. The model considers the capacity of key resource nodes and flight waveforms as constraints to maximize the total incremental slots. Moreover, it considers the adaptation of strategic and tactical optimization. After conducting a case study using Beijing Capital International Airport for verification, the proposed model effectively reduces potential operational delays by 66.27% while adding 366 to 397-time slots. Notably, the model demonstrates remarkable delay reduction capabilities and can serve as a valuable decision-support tool for the incremental allocation of time slots.

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