DOI: 10.1063/5.0169268 ISSN: 0021-8979

A magnetic-mechanical strong coupling FEM model and vibration characteristic analysis of transformer core under DC bias

Yaqi Wang, Lin Li, Jia’an Sun, Xiaojun Zhao
  • General Physics and Astronomy

The vibration of a transformer core induced by magnetostriction is closely related to the environment and safety of devices. The DC bias excitation leads to the over saturation of the transformer core and causes more severe vibration. In this paper, a magnetic-mechanical strong coupling model based on a fixed-point time-periodic 2D finite element method with excitation voltage and DC bias current as the input is established in which the vector magnetic potential A, winding current I, and displacement in the core u are simultaneously taken as solution variables, and the fixed-point reluctivity is introduced to deal with the nonlinear problem of the core. In this model, the magnetic field and mechanical field are associated with the piezomagnetic equations and variational principle, and the circuit and magnetic fields are connected through the law of electromagnetic induction. The equivalent thickness of the core model and the determination of the initial value are discussed. A test transformer with a laminated core is made for experimental measurement. The accuracy and efficiency of the model proposed are verified by comparing the calculated results with the experimental results, and the influence of DC bias components on the magnetic characteristics and vibration of the transformer core is analyzed.

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