DOI: 10.1002/ejic.202300592 ISSN: 1434-1948

A Genuine Trivalent Bis‐Acylphosphide (BAP) Complex of Uranium

Jakob Hochholzer, Pablo Waldschmidt, Frank W. Heinemann, Hansjörg Grützmacher, Karsten Meyer
  • Inorganic Chemistry

The genuine trivalent uranium complex, K[UIII(mesBAP)4], employing four bidentate bis(2,4,6‐trimethyl­benzoyl)­phosphide (mesBAP) chelating ligands, is reported and obtained by the reduction of the literature‐known tetravalent analog [UIV(mesBAP)4].  Hence, the bis(acyl)phospide mesBAP ligand allowed to establish a fully reversible redox couple with uranium in the oxidation states +III and +IV.  In both complexes [U(mesBAP)4]0/–, the uranium ions are coordinated to four mesBAP ligands in a square antiprismatic geometry.  All new compounds have been characterized by single‐crystal XRD analysis, 1H and 31P NMR, and UV/Vis/NIR electronic absorption spectroscopy, as well as SQUID magnetization and electrochemical measurements, and CW X‐band EPR in the case of the trivalent complex.

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