Dong Feng, Daoxiang An, Jian Wang, Leping Chen, Xiaotao Huang

A Focusing Method of Buildings for Airborne Circular SAR

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences

Airborne circular synthetic aperture radar (CSAR) can realize high-resolution imaging of the scene over 360 degrees azimuth angle variation. Aiming at the problem of focusing of buildings for the airborne CSAR, this paper first analyzes the phase errors of CSAR buildings focusing in detail, and the analytic relationship between the scatterer height and azimuth focusing quality is deduced. Then, a focusing method of CSAR buildings based on the back projection algorithm is proposed. This method adopts the processing strategy of multi-layers imaging, and it is able to improve azimuth focusing quality of the buildings which have large height dimension. The proposed method is especially suitable for the high-resolution imaging and monitoring of the urban site with high-rise buildings in the airborne CSAR scenario. The correctness of the theoretical analysis and the validity of the proposed method are verified by using both simulation results and Ku-band airborne CSAR real data processing results.

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