Liangsong Huang, Shuo Wang, Peng Zhang, Kun Zhang, Yuxia Li, Zhifu Chen

A Flexible Pressure Sensor with Wide Detection Range Based on Capacitive‐Piezoresistive Dual Mode Conversion for Human‐Machine Interaction

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science

AbstractFlexible pressure sensor is widely used in fields such as healthcare, intelligent prosthetics, and patient rehabilitation. However, how to ensure high sensitivity of the sensor while having a wide detection range remains a challenge. In order to address this challenge, a flexible pressure sensor with a wide detection range based on capacitive‐piezoresistive dual mode conversion is proposed. By manufacturing circular through‐holes on the dielectric layer of the sensor, the microstructure of the upper and lower electrode layers can achieve non‐contact and contact switching under different pressures through the through holes. This means that the sensor remains in capacitive mode at low pressure and then in piezoresistive mode at high pressure. By cleverly combining the two modes, the measurement range can reach 2 000 kPa and high sensitivity can be maintained during mode switching. In addition, its production process is simple, the cost is low, and it has a fast response time (120 ms) and good repeatability stability. The experimental results indicate that the sensor can achieve ideal performance in proximity detection, human behavior monitoring, and ultra high‐pressure detection, and has broad application prospects in providing a more powerful human‐computer interaction interface and expanding more comprehensive health monitoring.

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