DOI: 10.1177/1748006x231195201 ISSN:

A fire risk assessment system and application for process industry using fuzzy Petri net and HAZID method

Xingbai Chen, Ziyun Wang, Cheng Zhang, Yue Xiang, Yiyang Dai
  • Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality

The safety risk assessment of process industries can determine the degree of safety risk and remind or warn safety management personnel to take corresponding measures according to the probability of accidents. In this paper, hazard identification (HAZID) method is combined with fuzzy Petri net to construct a hybrid safety assessment system. Firstly, the fire risk factors of HAZID are determined according to the fire statistics data. By dividing the whole industrial process into four stages, the complex hazard sources in the factory are investigated item by item, thus the fuzzy Petri net of real-time risk assessment is constructed. Taking an acetic acid enterprise as a case, this paper introduces how to construct such a risk assessment system in detail, and the system can dynamically predict the risk with changes in process conditions. This also demonstrates the feasibility of this method, which can be used as a reference for related research.

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