Mohmmadamin Aalami, Ebrahim Babaei, Saied Ghassem Zadeh

A family of Z‐source‐based half‐bridge inverters: Topology derivation

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

AbstractZ‐source‐based half‐bridge inverters are a type of Z‐source inverters whose outer stage is a half‐bridge inverter. This paper presents a generalized structure from which 16 configurations can be derived. Once this topology has been introduced, one of the derived topologies, out of 16, is analyzed in detail based on the appropriate control method. According to these analysis results, this topology's boost‐factor and some equations to design passive and active devices are obtained. Next, it will be tried to derive the equations for each topology based on the obtained results for one of the configurations. In the next step, the topology that has been analyzed is considered to evaluate the efficiency of this topology using the power losses study. Hereafter, the generalized configuration's merits and downsides are studied by comparing it with other similar topologies. Finally, the experiment in the final section checks the operation and validity of the obtained results.

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