DOI: 10.2478/hjbpa-2023-0016 ISSN: 2067-9785

A Differential Effect of Research Teaching Innovation on Dissertation Completion Rate and Pass Mark at TGSL

Collins C. Ngwakwe, Janine Lewis
  • General Engineering


This research examines the differential effect of research-writing teaching innovation on proposal and dissertation completion rates at the Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership (TGSL). The method combined a review with a longitudinal quantitative secondary data design. The data on proposal and dissertation completion rates were compared using a t-test statistics. Findings show that at an alpha level of 0.05, a significant difference (at P<0.05) exists in the proposal and dissertation completion rates between the pre-innovation teaching period and within the innovation teaching period – with improved completion rate occurring during the teaching innovation period. Results also depict a mean difference in research methodology pass marks (albeit insignificance). Based on the findings, the paper contributes by developing an agency-based inclusive framework for teaching dissertation research writing. This framework provides an agenda for further research on teacher and student agency, and hence inclusive teaching of academic writing.

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