Jameel Almalki, Saeed M. Alshahrani, Nayyar Ahmed Khan

A comprehensive secure system enabling healthcare 5.0 using federated learning, intrusion detection and blockchain

  • General Computer Science

Recently, the use of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has gained popularity across various sections of the health sector. The historical security risks of IoMT devices themselves and the data flowing from them are major concerns. Deploying many devices, sensors, services, and networks that connect the IoMT systems is gaining popularity. This study focuses on identifying the use of blockchain in innovative healthcare units empowered by federated learning. A collective use of blockchain with intrusion detection management (IDM) is beneficial to detect and prevent malicious activity across the storage nodes. Data accumulated at a centralized storage node is analyzed with the help of machine learning algorithms to diagnose disease and allow appropriate medication to be prescribed by a medical healthcare professional. The model proposed in this study focuses on the effective use of such models for healthcare monitoring. The amalgamation of federated learning and the proposed model makes it possible to reach 93.89 percent accuracy for disease analysis and addiction. Further, intrusion detection ensures a success rate of 97.13 percent in this study.

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