DOI: 10.3390/computers12080155 ISSN: 2073-431X

A Comprehensive Approach to Image Protection in Digital Environments

William Villegas-Ch, Joselin García-Ortiz, Jaime Govea
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Protecting the integrity of images has become a growing concern due to the ease of manipulation and unauthorized dissemination of visual content. This article presents a comprehensive approach to safeguarding images’ authenticity and reliability through watermarking techniques. The main goal is to develop effective strategies that preserve the visual quality of images and are resistant to various attacks. The work focuses on developing a watermarking algorithm in Python, implemented with embedding in the spatial domain, transformation in the frequency domain, and pixel modification techniques. A thorough evaluation of efficiency, accuracy, and robustness is performed using numerical metrics and visual assessment to validate the embedded watermarks. The results demonstrate the algorithm’s effectiveness in protecting the integrity of the images, although some attacks may cause visible degradation. Likewise, a comparison with related works is made to highlight the relevance and effectiveness of the proposed techniques. It is concluded that watermarks are presented as an additional layer of protection in applications where the authenticity and integrity of the image are essential. In addition, the importance of future research that addresses perspectives for improvement and new applications to strengthen the protection of the goodness of pictures and other digital media is highlighted.

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