Dr Kamlesh U. Gohil, Madhukar Rajaram Wagh, Rahul Babubhai Parmar


An enterocutaneous stula (ECF) is an abnormal communication between the small or large bowel and the skin. It is one of the serious complications of gastrointestinal surgery and has a mortality rate of up to 20%. Management involves dealing with malnutrition, sepsis, metabolic derangement and electrolyte imbalance. Surgery accounts for majority of cause for ECF. Anatomical origin, length of tract, bowel wall defect, others like sepsis, malnutrition, malignancy, serum albumin are factors that inuence spontaneous closure. The importance of nutrition cannot be overemphasized. Denitive surgery is required in: no spontaneous closure after 4-6weeks of conservative, complex stula anatomy, including intra-abdominal abscess, distal bowel obstruction, bowel defect >1cm diameter, stula tract length <2cm.

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