DOI: 10.52403/ijrr.20231248 ISSN: 2349-9788

A Case Study on an Evaluation of the Annual Activity Plan 2019 of Health Promotion Bureau Sri Lanka

Siraj Mohamed Ibrahim
  • General Mathematics

The Health Promotion Bureau is the centre of excellence in Sri Lanka for health education, health promotion, and publicity of health information. The main achievement gained during the last few years is empowering and mobilising communities to improve their quality of life through health promotion principles. Public awareness aiming for healthy behaviour changes in the community through mass media is a unique service provided for years by the Health Promotion Bureau and appraised by all sectors. The government of Sri Lanka, the United Nations Populations Fund, the World Bank and the World Health Organization were the leading funding agencies in 2019 for Health Promotion Bureau activities. The activity plan aligns with the health master plan of the Ministry of Health. According to the Ministry of Health's Annual Action Plan 2019, the total estimated cost for all the HPB activities was Rs. 162.66 million. At the end of 2019, the total amount allocated by the Government of Sri Lanka was Rs. 75.01 million. It is 46% of the initial estimation. There were 98 activities planned for 2019 by the HPB. However, only 19 activities were accomplished in 2019. Among them, 17 were fully completed. The other two were completed 93% and 22%. Some of the activities conducted in 2019 were not planned for the year. There were many reasons for the poor performance of the annual activity plan 2019. Lack of monitoring and evaluation on the performance of the annual activity plan, planning unit combined with monitoring and evaluation, no specialised personnel on monitoring and evaluation, budget cuts on planned activities and different funding agencies are some of them. The recommendation is to develop an independent monitoring and evaluation unit separated from the planning unit. The HPB units should be strengthened with adequate staff, and their capacity for planning, monitoring and evaluation should be developed. Provision of proper guidelines for planning activities, involving all the stakeholders and incorporating their views in the planning process, incorporating information and communication technologies in planning and monitoring activities, and regular review of activities and annual activity plan of the Health Promotion Bureau also must be considered for improvement of achievement of HPB annual action plan. Keywords: Health Promotion Bureau, annual activity plan, monitoring and evaluation