DOI: 10.1177/09722629231169100 ISSN:

A Bibliometric Analysis on Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance Literature Using VOSviewer Software

Namita Kaushik, R. C. Dangwal
  • Strategy and Management
  • Business and International Management

Entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is a valuable resource for the success of any business and is a key concept in the field of entrepreneurship and strategy management research. It is one of the most studied variables in the literature on entrepreneurship. There are many studies identifying the influence of EO on firm performance. The objective of this paper is to provide insight into the relevance of EO and its impact on performance by conducting a scientometric analysis of over 25 years of publications, recognizing the most eminent authors, sources, organizations, countries, and articles in this research subject. The paper makes use of the Web of Science database to access all the documents and research related to EO and performance that are available in the database from 1996 to 2021. Visualization of similarities viewer software version 1.6.18 is used to perform bibliometric analysis on available information found in the Web of Science. This research article shows the co-authorship analysis, keyword analysis, and bibliographic coupling analysis through visualization tools. This bibliographic mapping depicted the contributions of authors and countries, as well as their collaboration and publication pattern over time. Bibliometric analysis also revealed the emerging areas, topics, and trends in this research field. The findings of the study will help academics to identify future research directions and areas.

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