DOI: 10.2144/fsoa-2023-0230 ISSN: 2056-5623

A bibliometric analysis of the 100 most-influential papers in the field of anti-diabetic drugs

Fatima Azam, Muhammad Hamza Dawood, Aroosa Roshan, Maryam Urooj, Zoha Khan, Muhammad Omar Larik, Fatima Mustafa Lakdawala, Ahad Yousuf Moulvi, Ifrah Salim, Mehak Abbas Zaidi, Alizeh Imran
  • Biotechnology

Aim: We analyzed the 100 most-cited articles on all anti-diabetic drugs. A comprehensive literature review found no bibliometrics on this. Methods: Two researchers independently extracted articles from Scopus and ranked them by citation count as the ‘top 100 most-cited’. Results: The median number of citations is 1385.5. Most articles are from the USA (n = 59). Insulin has the most papers (n = 24). Majority (n = 76) were privately funded and contained at least one conflict of interest (n = 66). The New England Journal of Medicine has the most publications (n = 44). Male authors made majority of both first and last authorship positions. Conclusion: This study aims to aid in directing future research and in reducing biases.

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