Hao Li, Binjie Jin, Yunqiu Wu, Chenxi Zhao, Yiming Yu, Huihua Liu

A behavioral model for RF vector‐sum phase shifter

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Modeling and Simulation

AbstractIn this article, a behavioral model for RF vector‐sum phase shifters is developed to estimate their behavioral and guide the phased‐array front‐end system design. According to their building blocks, the model consists of two typical parts, quadrature signal generator and variable gain amplifiers (VGAs). The modeling process for the quadrature signal generator is based on a complex curve fitting method. For the linear VGA, the polynomial fitting method is used to fit the gain and phase responses of the VGA, the first variable is frequency, and the second variable is the control voltage. Then the complex curve fitting method is used to achieve the final frequency response. Finally, the layout simulation results of an actual phase shifter circuit are used as input, and the two modules are modeled and compared with the measured results to verify the usability of the model.

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