DOI: 10.3397/in_2023_0788 ISSN: 0736-2935

A basic study on sound absorption characteristics of disordered hyperuniform periodic structures

Akiko Sugahara, Tomonari Dotera

Disordered hyperuniform systems are exotic states of matter that cover the intermediate regime between random and periodic structures. Despite appearing disordered and isotropic, they possess a hidden long-range order. Our study aims to develop disordered hyperuniform microperiodic structures that combine short-scale randomness and long-scale periodicity, making them versatile and useful for sound-absorbing materials, such as wall panels. To construct these structures, we generate a large number of three-dimensionally random waves within a specific frequency range, while applying periodic boundary conditions. Using the finite element method, we analyze the sound absorption of the hyperuniform structures. Compared to simple Gaussian random fluctuations, we observe an increase in surface area, resulting in higher airflow resistivity, and a rise in the sound absorption coefficient within the low to mid frequency range.

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