DOI: 10.3390/polym15173565 ISSN:

3D Porous VOx/N-Doped Carbon Nanosheet Hybrids Derived from Cross-Linked Dicyandiamide–Chitosan Hydrogels for Superior Supercapacitor Electrode Materials

Jinghua Liu, Xiong He, Jiayang Cai, Jie Zhou, Baosheng Liu, Shaohui Zhang, Zijun Sun, Pingping Su, Dezhi Qu, Yudong Li
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • General Chemistry

Three-dimensional porous carbon materials with moderate heteroatom-doping have been extensively investigated as promising electrode materials for energy storage. In this study, we fabricated a 3D cross-linked chitosan-dicyandiamide-VOSO4 hydrogel using a polymerization process. After pyrolysis at high temperature, 3D porous VOx/N-doped carbon nanosheet hybrids (3D VNCN) were obtained. The unique 3D porous skeleton, abundant doping elements, and presence of VOx 3D VNCN pyrolyzed at 800 °C (3D VNCN-800) ensured excellent electrochemical performance. The 3D VNCN-800 electrode exhibits a maximum specific capacitance of 408.1 F·g−1 at 1 A·g−1 current density and an admirable cycling stability with 96.8% capacitance retention after 5000 cycles. Moreover, an assembled symmetrical supercapacitor based on the 3D VNCN-800 electrode delivers a maximum energy density of 15.6 Wh·Kg−1 at a power density of 600 W·Kg−1. Our study demonstrates a potential guideline for the fabrication of porous carbon materials with 3D structure and abundant heteroatom-doping.

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