DOI: 10.1002/smll.202309555 ISSN: 1613-6810

2D Co‐Directed Metal–Organic Networks Featuring Strong Antiferromagnetism and Perpendicular Anisotropy

Sofia O. Parreiras, Cristina Martín‐Fuentes, Daniel Moreno, Shanmugasibi K. Mathialagan, Kalyan Biswas, Beatriz Muñiz‐Cano, Koen Lauwaet, Manuel Valvidares, Miguel A. Valbuena, José I. Urgel, Pierluigi Gargiani, Julio Camarero, Rodolfo Miranda, José I. Martínez, José M. Gallego, David Écija
  • Biomaterials
  • Biotechnology
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry


Antiferromagnetic spintronics is a rapidly emerging field with the potential to revolutionize the way information is stored and processed. One of the key challenges in this field is the development of novel 2D antiferromagnetic materials. In this paper, the first on‐surface synthesis of a Co‐directed metal–organic network is reported in which the Co atoms are strongly antiferromagnetically coupled, while featuring a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. This material is a promising candidate for future antiferromagnetic spintronic devices, as it combines the advantages of 2D and metal–organic chemistry with strong antiferromagnetic order and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.

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