DOI: 10.2337/db23-107-lb ISSN: 0012-1797

107-LB: Clinical Performance of Extended Mio 30 Infusion Set

  • Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Internal Medicine

Objective: Medtronic Mio™ 30 infusion set (M30IS) is a single use IS for pump users with pre-loaded inserter, a 30° insertion angle, and labeled for 3-day use. The M30IS wear duration is impacted by initial local trauma caused by insertion and sustained inflammation by cannula & insulin infusion (insulin aggregates & other impurities in the infusate), with the latter being predominant. An extended Mio™ 30 infusion set (EM30IS) was developed by improving insulin formulation stability in the fluid path. This study reports on the performance of the EM30IS in persons with T1D during an early feasibility trial ( NCT05544643).

Method: This is a X over study of EM30IS and M30IS on 21 subjects with type 1 diabetes. Each subject wore both sets 4-5 times each on a preferred site that was continuously infused with insulin lispro or aspart subcutaneously via a Medtronic 780G pump for 3 days (M30IS), 7 days (EM30IS) or until failure. Endpoints of safety and effectiveness (failure rate due to unexplained hyperglycemia <16%) were evaluated. Exploratory analyses related to performance and glycemic control were also evaluated.

Results: The EM30IS survival rate at 6 days (70%) was comparable to M30IS survival rate at 3 days (63%). Glycemic control outcomes were equivalent (see Table 1) and there were no episodes of EM30IS-related severe hypoglycemia or DKA.

Conclusion: The EM30IS was safe and its performance at 6 days was equivalent to the performance of M30IS at 3 days.


O. Cohen: Employee; Medtronic. Y. Cohen: None. S. Chattaraj: Employee; Medtronic. G. Zhang: Employee; Medtronic. E. Anselmo: Employee; Medtronic. A. Tirosh: Advisory Panel; Medtronic. Research Support; Medtronic. Speaker's Bureau; Medtronic. Advisory Panel; Novo Nordisk. Speaker's Bureau; Novo Nordisk. Advisory Panel; Sanofi. Speaker's Bureau; Sanofi. Research Support; Sanofi. Advisory Panel; Eli Lilly and Company. Speaker's Bureau; Eli Lilly and Company.



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