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Clean up BibTeX entry

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When editing or creating new references in CiteDrive, take advantage of three powerful buttons located above the editor. These buttons offer valuable functionalities to clean-up your library:

Format Entry: Automatically formats the BibTeX entry, ensuring it adheres to the standards and conventions of the selected document type. This feature saves you time and ensures consistency in your bibliography.

Generate Citation Key: Creates a citation key based on the first author’s name, title, and publication date. This automated process helps you generate a unique and meaningful identifier for your reference, enhancing clarity and organization.

Convert Special Characters: Converts special characters into LaTeX-friendly escape sequences. For example, “ö” will be converted to {"o}. This is particularly useful when dealing with diacritics or special symbols, ensuring accurate representation in your LaTeX documents. Utilizing these buttons streamlines the reference management process, providing efficiency and accuracy as you work on your projects in CiteDrive.