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Adding References from Google Scholar

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If you do most of your source discovery in Google Scholar, CiteDrive provides multiple easy ways to collect your references. We recommend using the CiteDrive Companion browser extension but additional methods without the extension are also covered in detail below.

Recommendation: Install CiteDrive Companion browser extension

We strongly recommend installing the CiteDrive Companion browser extension for the best experience. Add articles, websites and more directly from Google Scholar, Pubmed and anywhere you’re searching. CiteDrive Companion is available from:

Example: Adding article using CiteDrive Companion

Let’s start by looking up our favorite algorithms article on Google Scholar:

Google Scholar lookup

Click on the Algorithms paper link to open the full view on Springer Link. Locate the CiteDrive Companion extension icon in the upper right of your browser (highlighted). If you do not see the icon, please open your browser extensions list and pin the CiteDrive Companion extension in order for the icon to display

Companion icon

Click the icon and you will see a BibTeX representation of your reference presented, with the ability to customize the BibTeX snippet to your liking:

Companion popup

Once you are satisfied, click Save Reference to add the reference to the selected project.