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Getting started

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A complete list of all topics can be found on the left sidebar, but depending on what you use CiteDrive for, we have created a reading recommendation:


For Overleaf (or other LaTeX) users, we recommend the following guides in order:

If you are new to Bibliography Management in LaTeX/Overleaf, we recommend reading BibTeX Format explained. It is compatible with all LaTeX options, with currently three main options: BibTeX (Software), Natbib as an extension, and the latest implementation BibLaTeX.

Core concept

CiteDrive is a free online literature management program that uses the BibTeX format and is compatible with LaTeX and Markdown editors. The project-based literature database allows for the targeted organization of works such as essays or books. Available as a browser app, CiteDrive facilitates collaborative work by inviting colleagues. It directly supports BibTeX and provides access to an extensive database of articles and books. Browser extensions enable the direct saving of articles as BibTeX bookmarks. Seamless integration with Overleaf allows for filtering and inserting references with automatic synchronization of changes. In these guides, we will explain everything in detail.