DOI: 10.1111/codi.16712 ISSN:

Ten steps for ileoanal pouch anastomosis

Valerio Celentano, Carlo Alberto Manzo
  • Gastroenterology



Appropriate patient selection, surgical technique, and follow‐up pathways can provide optimal functional outcomes and good quality of life in many patients undergoing ileoanal pouch surgery. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the standardised approach to ileoanal pouch formation that we have developed in our pouch surgery centre.


We developed a structured approach to laparoscopic proctectomy with ileoanal pouch anastomosis formation, divided into 10 different steps. All patients referred to our centre from January 2020 to December 2022 for ulcerative colitis were included in the study.


A total of 38 consecutive patients underwent ileal pouch‐anal anastomosis (IPAA) surgery. All procedures were completed laparoscopically with one conversion to open (2.6%). A total of 13 patients had postoperative complications within 30 days of surgery (34.2%), with six (15.8%) being Clavien Dindo class 3 or higher. Median follow‐up length was 18 months (range 2–30). Median number of bowel movements in 24 h at 12 months post‐surgery was 4 (range 1–11).


Our modular 10 steps approach could provide a standardised framework to surgeons in the learning curve. IPAA is a complex surgical procedure with significant postoperative morbidity. Our stepwise approach resulted in a high rate of minimally invasive surgery and could facilitate introduction of the technique.

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