DOI: 10.1177/15570851231196548 ISSN:

Technology-Facilitated Abuse Victimization: A Gendered Analysis in a Representative Survey of Adults

Anastasia Powell, Asher Flynn
  • Law
  • Gender Studies

This study addresses a significant knowledge gap regarding the gendered extent and nature of Technology-Facilitated Abuse (TFA). Drawing on a representative sample of 4,562 Australian adults, the results demonstrate that though prevalence of any lifetime TFA victimization is not specifically gendered, there are clear gendered patterns in the extent and nature of particular types of TFA experienced. Here, women are more likely to report experiencing sexual coercion, as well as intimate partner abuse and co-occurring forms of abuse from the same perpetrator. The results support aspects of the gendered violence thesis and suggest avenues for future research into TFA victimization.

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