DOI: 10.47992/ijcsbe.2581.6942.0302 ISSN:

Technical Suitability of Locally Available Materials for People Housing Program in Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur District, Nepal

Abishek Raja Shahi, A. K. Mishra, P. S. Aithal
  • General Medicine

Purpose: The Janata Aawas Karyakram (People Housing Program) is the public authority of Nepal initiative to satisfy the target of furnishing in reverse segment of society with lodging facilities, from the Financial Year 2066/67 to give lodging by building minimal expense current lodging facilities for Dalit and denied Muslim families. Let’s assure the Technical Suitability of locally available materials based on strength, weather-resistance, fire-resistance, workability, durability, availability, and aesthetic appearance for the construction of Janata Aawas with reference to Triyuga Municipality in Udayapur District. Design/Methodology/Approach: The results obtained from laboratory tests and the corresponding theoretical values from IS Codes, Literature, and Theories were compared and the hypothesis was set up to depict the relation between them using Chi-Square Test. Findings/Result: The Storey-height as designed and recommended in Current Janata Aawas Programme needs to be revisited. In terai, it is desired to provide substantial story-height to avoid the heat factor. As the Current Janata Aawas Programme does not include the work of Plaster, the final product seems to be unfinished and doesn’t provide good aesthetic appearance. This too becomes the reason of criticism and complaints from the concerned stakeholders accusing the employee of Implementing Agency for Negligence and corruption. Hence, The Plaster Works also needs to be incorporated in the estimate for the construction of Janata Aawas Programmee. The thatch roof, due its unavailability, owed to the fact that the agro-forest area has been reducing day in and day out, and also due to its low fire-resistance, cannot be used as roofing material for Janata Aawas Programme. Originality/Value: The Construction Materials that were used in Janata Aawas Programme was technically sound enough to be used as construction materials. Paper Type: Research paper.

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