DOI: 10.1002/iis2.13098 ISSN:

SysML Implementation of Property Based Requirements

Rhett Zimmer, John Sliger
  • Automotive Engineering


Text based requirements are historically used for specifications in DoD acquisition and systems engineering, along with models of various levels of fidelity. Text based requirements do not enable the comprehensive traceability and analysis necessary to successfully maintain and develop a complex system. In addition, the reliance on varied requirement interpretations along the design process causes issues in the accurate transference of intention, especially with regards to redundancy with the associated descriptive models. To mitigate these issues, a comprehensive property‐based solution to the generation, linkage, analysis, and verification of requirements is proposed utilizing parametric execution within SysML. Additionally, this approach can enable a level of automation in the requirements verification process when applied with digital engineering practices. A case study shows the application of the solution with an example so that the approach can be further explained.

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