DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.202300432 ISSN:

Synthesis, structure and magnetic behavior of a novel series of trinuclear windwheel complexes

Rong Luo, Chen‐Ze Xie, Ming‐Guang Chen, Hai‐Yan Shi, Xiang‐Jian Kong, Yu‐Hua Fan, Feng Shao
  • General Chemistry


A new family of trinuclear windwheel complexes with molecular formula [MII3(tpa)3(μ‐ttc)](ClO4)3·n(sol) (ttc = 1,3,5‐triazine‐2,4,6‐trithiol; tpa = tris(2‐pyridylmethyl)amine; M = Mn, n = 2, sol = CH3CN, 1; M = Co, n = 1, sol = CH3CN, 2; M = Ni, n = 0, 3) were synthesized and characterized. Single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction revealed that three metal centers in 13 are connected by ttc bridge, forming a regular triangular MII3 core. Each metal center is bonded by chelating S, N atoms from ttc and by N atoms from tpa. Magnetic studies showed that 13 displayed antiferromagnetic behavior and further gave the easy‐axis anisotropy (D = −0.77 cm−1 for 1 and −8.13 cm−1 for 2) and easy‐plane anisotropy (D = 5.08 cm−1 for 3). Moreover, 2 exhibited field‐induced slow magnetic relaxation behavior and their effective energy barriers were roughly evaluated Ueff = 6.9 K.

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