DOI: 10.1002/adsc.202300662 ISSN:

Synthesis of Tetrahydronaphthoazetidinones, 2,5‐Dioxo‐1,4‐methanobenzoazepines and 3‐Hydroxypyrrolidinones Through Copper‐Assisted Post‐Ugi Reactions

Javier Gómez-Ayuso, Mario Lezcano, Israel Carreira-Barral, Beatriz González-Saiz, Roberto Quesada, Maria Garcia-Valverde
  • General Chemistry

Copper‐assisted post‐Ugi reactions enable access to different heterocyclic systems, tetrahydronaphthoazetidinone, 2,5‐dioxo‐1,4‐methanobenzoazepine and 3‐hydroxypyrrolidinone derivatives. The described process affords complex scaffolds from readily available acyclic precursors using simple protocols.

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