DOI: 10.1111/jace.19415 ISSN:

Synthesis of spherical Si3N4 Powders by liquid‐phase modified carbothermal reduction and nitridation

Shuo Zhao, Songmo Du, Siyuan Sun, Fei Li, Zhanglin Chen, Shijia Zhang, Xiaoshan Ning, Wenbin Cao, Kexin Chen, KL Smirnov, Jie Zhang, Guanghua Liu
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Ceramics and Composites


β‐Si3N4 powder with well‐dispersed spherical particles was synthesized by liquid‐phase modified carbothermal reduction and nitridation. The influence of the type and content of additives on the particle morphology was investigated. The liquid phase formed at the reaction temperature modifies the morphology of the Si3N4 powder. The Si3N4 products precipitated along the liquid‐solid interface, thus forming a spherical morphology and promoting the transformation from α‐Si3N4 to β‐Si3N4. The type of additives has a strong influence on the formation temperature and viscosity of the liquid phase, and hence affects the product morphology. In the samples with CaF2 and CaO additives, sufficient liquid phase occurred and spherical particles were obtained. In the sample with Y2O3, however, the liquid phase was insufficient due to the higher formation temperature, thus resulting in an irregular particle morphology.

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