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Synthesis, characterization, photocatalytic application of Gd/K co‐doped ZnO

Fatma Aydın Ünal, Murat Ünal, Tuğçe Ataşer, Süleyman Özçelik
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Marketing
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Ceramics and Composites


In this paper, we introduce the synthesis of undoped ZnO and 5 wt % Gd/K co‐doped ZnO compounds to improve photocatalytic activity. Undoped ZnO particles and Gd/K co‐doped ZnO particles were synthesized by the sol‐gel method. The samples were studied by XRD, SEM/EDX, UV‐Vis, BET analysis, particle size analysis, and photocatalytic activities were tested. SEM micrographs showed that the particle size was in the sub‐micrometer or nanometer range. Particle size analysis revealed that the mean size was closer to the micrometer range. The specific surface area of the powder was obtained quite low in accordance with the larger particle size. The photocatalytic activity of 5% Gd/K co‐doped ZnO was compared with undoped ZnO in the degradation MB. When their photocatalytic activities were examined, Gd/K co‐doped ZnO showed ∼ 66% degradation at 60 minutes, while undoped ZnO showed ∼ 52% degradation at the same time.

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