DOI: 10.1002/slct.202302572 ISSN:

Synthesis and Application of New Benzophenone Photoinitiators

Chao Feng, Qin Lin Wang, Feng Liu, Bianxiang Zhang
  • General Chemistry


A series of new benzophenone derivatives were synthesized by the esterification reaction of hydroxy‐benzophenone and acyl chloride or sulfonyl chloride. All the compounds were characterization by NMR and MS spectroscopy technology. The resulting products exhibited efficient UV light absorption in the range of 225–325 nm, leading to excellent photoinitiating effects as photoinitiators in light‐cured coatings. The cured film showed comparable mechanical performance with the commercial product. Moreover, we discussed the photoinitiation mechanism of the new benzophenone derivatives, which would promote the further development of novel photoinitiators for industry application.

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