DOI: 10.52584/qrj.2101.06 ISSN:

Sustainable Performance Measurement in Manufacturing Process of Textile Industry by using Analytical Hierarchy Process

Mahrukh Siraj
  • General Medicine

Sustainable manufacturing practices in textile industry have become a crucial topic for managers of manufacturing organizations to remain competitive in the market. The textile sector is well known for consuming a large amount of natural resources, raw materials, energy, and fossil fuels, and for being a significant contributor to pollution. Evaluating sustainability performance of textile manufacturing companies is therefore important. To address this, a study has developed an Analytical hierarchy process (AHP)-based model for assessing sustainable manufacturing performance. The study identifies performance measures for sustainable manufacturing based on economic, environmental, social, and technical factors, and confirms their relevance through a survey. The findings demonstrate that all measures are extremely important and are suggested as key performance measures for textile sector. Then, AHP is used to evaluate sustainable manufacturing performance based on these measures, results in quality and employee ranking as highest critical factors, and complexity and flexibility as least important. The study offers hierarchical model for evaluating sustainability performance of five case organizations, providing guidance for production managers to assess strengths and weaknesses of their organizations. These findings encourage researchers and practitioners to study more about sustainability evaluation.

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