DOI: 10.1002/ccr3.7853 ISSN:

Surgical, endovascular, and hybrid treatment of deep femoral artery aneurysm: Three case reports

Hiroki Moriuchi, Takuya Maeda, Masaaki Koide, Yoshifumi Kunii, Kazumasa Watanabe
  • General Medicine

Key Clinical Message

Deep femoral artery aneurysms (DFAA) are extremely rare. We treated four DFAAs with different procedures including surgical, endovascular, and hybrid surgery. The best treatment should be selected for each individual case.


We report three cases of deep femoral artery aneurysms treated with different techniques. Case 1: A 69‐year‐old man with a huge deep femoral artery aneurysm underwent open reconstruction using a 6 mm expanded polytetrafluoroethylen graft. Case 2: A 67‐year‐old man presented with bilateral deep femoral artery aneurysms. The right‐sided rupture was treated with hybrid embolization, while the left aneurysm was treated by endovascular stent‐grafts deployment. Case 3: A 87‐year‐old man with a large deep femoral artery aneurysm underwent simply surgical aneurysmectomy. As there are many treatment options for deep femoral artery aneurysms, a comprehensive preoperative assessment is essential, encompassing an evaluation of symptoms, anatomy, and comorbidities.

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