DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa5058 ISSN:

Sub–10 nm polyamide nanofilms with ultrafast solvent transport for molecular separation

Santanu Karan, Zhiwei Jiang, Andrew G. Livingston
  • Multidisciplinary

Composite membranes for filtering solvents

Much research has focused on finding membranes that can purify water or extract waste carbon dioxide. However, there is also a need for the removal of small molecules from organic liquids. Many existing processes are energy-intensive and can require large quantities of solvents. Karan et al. grew confined polymer layers on a patterned sacrificial support to give rippled thin films that were then placed on ceramic membranes (see the Perspective by Freger). The composite membrane showed high flux for organic solvents and good stability and was able to separate out small molecules with high efficiency.

Science , this issue p. 1347 ; see also p. 1317

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