DOI: 10.1166/jno.2023.3404 ISSN:

Study on the Optical Parameters of Different Particle Sizes Considering Particle Group Reflectivity

Peng Xie, Lianghai Lv, Juntong Liu, Kechao Chen
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

With the rapid advancements in laser and detection technology, it is now possible to obtain the physical properties of particles. Analyzing the physical properties of particles can establish the foundation for further research on the optical field transmission of particles in the micron range. The transport model of unpolarized particles is constructed by applying the unpolarized transport technology, and the Stokes vector is used to calculate the transport characteristics of the particle to obtain the four-dimensional mathematical vector that represents average light intensity. A random matrix is established with the help of the Markov chain to transmit unpolarized characteristic parameters of particles and to investigate the energy levels of a vast number of particles. According to the Mie scattering theory, the spatial intensity distribution function of light scattering is calculated, and the experiment on the characteristic parameter of the particle is carried out based on the results of a photoelectric detector, and compared with the numerical simulation. By analyzing the mathematical model, the accuracy and effectiveness of the model are verified, which provides theoretical support for further research on particle physics.

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