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Shahrukh Khan, Pawan Ghanghoria, Shreya Gupta
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Background: This study aimed to identify urban lifestyle factors and their effect on nutritional status of adolescent students in Jabalpur , Madhya pradesh , India. Objectives: we evaluated the association between multiple urban life style factors and Overweight/Obesity in adolescent children in urban school of Jabalpur. Methods: It was a cross-sectional study conducted in urban schools of Jabalpur, (Madhya Pradesh). All the students from class 7, 8, 9 and 10 included in study, total 239 students from urban schools of Jabalpur were included. Anthropometric assessment was done by measuring weight, height and then BMI (Body Mass Index) was calculated. BMI charted on WHO chart. All the factors present in life style of urban students like dietary factors (outside eating, sugar beverages consumption, snacks/junk food, food advertisement), mode of travel to school and sleep analyzed statistically. Results: 54.4% of students were overweight/obese .Urban lifestyle factors like frequency of outside eating with family, sugar beverages consumption from market, snacks and junk food , food advertisements, mode of travel to school, interval between dinner and sleep, found statistically signicant . Conclusion: This study in urban environment suggest that outside eating with family, sugar beverages consumption from market , snacks and junk food ,food advertisements, mode of travel to school ,interval between dinner and sleep , are associated with overweight/obesity risk. These ndings require follow up in longitudinal studies with more number of subjects and different settings other than schools.

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