DOI: 10.1152/advan.00110.2023 ISSN:

Student Perceptions of Twitter Poll-Based Formative Assessment in a Rural Medical College in India

Himel Mondal, Shaikat Mondal, Nirupama Ray
  • General Medicine
  • Physiology
  • Education

Formative assessment is vital for student learning and engagement. Social media platforms like Twitter have gained popularity in medical education, but little research has explored student perceptions of formative assessment through Twitter. This study aimed to observe participation rates in Twitter poll-based formative assessment and survey students' perceptions of it in a rural medical college in India. Fifteen formative assessment sessions were conducted using Twitter poll after Physiology lectures, with five multiple-choice questions per session. The number of participants in each poll was recorded. A questionnaire collected student perceptions after the sessions. Across 15 Twitter poll sessions, we received an average of 12.65±5.53 (median 12) responses. Most students (63%) did not participate, with only 4% participating in over 10 sessions. A total of 107 students participated in the survey, resulting in an 85.6% response rate. Students found social media-based formative assessment interesting and effective for increasing attention in class. However, they preferred alternative platforms like Telegram and Instagram for formative assessment. In conclusion, most students in a rural medical colleges in India do not participate in Twitter poll-based formative assessment. Nevertheless, students found it interesting and effective, highlighting the importance of considering students' platform preferences for implementing social media-based formative assessment.

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