DOI: 10.3390/v15091826 ISSN:

Structural and Synthetic Aspects of Small Ring Oxa- and Aza-Heterocyclic Ring Systems as Antiviral Activities

Sibasish Manna, Koushik Das, Sougata Santra, Emily V. Nosova, Grigory V. Zyryanov, Sandipan Halder
  • Virology
  • Infectious Diseases

Antiviral properties of different oxa- and aza-heterocycles are identified and properly correlated with their structural features and discussed in this review article. The primary objective is to explore the activity of such ring systems as antiviral agents, as well as their synthetic routes and biological significance. Eventually, the structure–activity relationship (SAR) of the heterocyclic compounds, along with their salient characteristics are exhibited to build a suitable platform for medicinal chemists and biotechnologists. The synergistic conclusions are extremely important for the introduction of a newer tool for the future drug discovery program.

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