DOI: 10.1002/ese3.1554 ISSN:

Strontium‐promoted Ni/ZrO2–Al2O3 catalysts for dry reforming of methane

Ahmed S. Al‐Fatesh, Ahmed A. Ibrahim, Ahmed I. Osman, Ahmed E. Abasaeed, Mohammed F. Alotibi, Sadeq A. Alfatesh, David W. Rooney, Anis H. Fakeeha, Chun‐Yang Yin
  • General Energy
  • Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality


Dry reforming of methane (DRM) is an established process that utilizes CH4 and CO2 to produce syngas, which is subsequently used to produce liquid fuel. Developing an optimized catalyst with favorable physicochemical properties is essential to enhance the effectiveness of the DRM process. In this study, we report novel findings on Ni/ZrO2 + Al2O3 catalyst performance promoted with strontium (Sr) for DRM reaction. The characteristics of fresh and spent catalysts were evaluated via a suite of analytical characterization techniques, including physisorption analysis, temperature‐programmed reduction, transmission electron microscopy, X‐ray diffractometry, Raman spectroscopy, temperature‐programmed desorption, temperature‐programmed oxidation, and thermogravimetric analysis before actual DRM performance analysis. The integration of Sr essentially enhanced the basicity, imparted CO2 adsorption stability, and improved the reducibility of the catalyst. An optimal concentration of 3.0 wt% Sr promoted on the catalyst afforded the highest CH4 and CO2 conversions. The work presented in this contribution affords an understanding of optimum Sr loading and provides insights into the synergistic role of Sr on catalytic performances as applied to the DRM process.

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