DOI: 10.3390/su151713053 ISSN:

Stress-Relief–Anchor-Grouting, a Collaborative Control Technology for Severe Extrusion Floor Heave in a Deep Roadway: A Case Study

Donghuang Shang, Meng Wang, Dawei Li, Chunsheng Yu, Shiyi Huang, Jie Li, Sijiang Wei, Liuan Zhao
  • Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
  • Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
  • Geography, Planning and Development
  • Building and Construction

Severe extrusion floor heave is the most common type of failure of floors in deep roadways, and it is also a major problem restricting the safe and efficient mining of deep coal resources. In deep roadways, reducing floor stress is an effective means to control floor heave. In this study, the method of creating directional stress-relief zones by constructing stress-relief boreholes is applied; while the stress is released, the path of stress from the ribs transferred to the floor and to the extrusion failure path is cut off, and floor heave control is achieved. Therefore, based on the stress-boundary and rock-mass parameters of the roadway, the control effects of the borehole angle, length, diameter, and row spacing on the extrusion floor heave were studied, and the reasonable thresholds of borehole parameters were shown to ensure the stress-relief effect on the roadway. In addition, the bolt-grouting technology was used to strengthen the floor of the roadway, the broken surrounding rock was modified via grouting consolidation, the support strength of the floor was increased using high-tension bolts (cable), and there was a good floor heave control effect in the field application. On the basis of traditional floor reinforcement, the control effect of stress regulation on floor heave is fully considered in this study, and stress-relief–anchor-grouting, a collaborative control technology for floor heave in deep roadways, is developed. Based on the three factors affecting the stability of deep roadways (stress, lithology, and support), the collaborative prevention and control of severe extrusion floor heave were realized, which provides a new method for deep roadway floor heave control and has good application value.

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