DOI: 10.1093/qjmed/hcad069.297 ISSN:

Stapled Cardioplasty in Management of Cardiac Achalasia

Amir Hany Ali Elsayed Salem, Khaled Abdallah El Fiky, Amr Mohamed Mahmoud El Hefny, Mohammed Abdalmegeed Alsayed, Ayman Hossam Eldeen Abd Elmoenem
  • General Medicine



Cardioplasty is a new surgical solution for achalasia. It is done by cutting the lower oesophageal sphincter using an Endo GIA stapler and making side to side anastomosis between the lower oesophagus and the funds of the stomach.

Aim of the Work

To assess the outcome of Stapled Cardioplasty as regard improvement of the symptoms and incidence of complications.

Patients and Methods

This study was conducted at upper GIT surgery unite Faculty of Medicine, AinShams University, in the period from February 2021 till September 2021. Approval of the Ethical Committee and written informed consent from all participants were obtained. This is a prospective pilot study was conducted to assess the outcome of stapled cardioplasty. Six patients were included, four patients underwent open cardioplasty and two patients underwent laparoscopic cardioplasty.


The results of this study showed a remarkable effect of cardioplasty on improvement of the symptoms of achalasia. This means cardioplasty may be a promising new option for management of cardiac achalasia.


Cardioplasty can be recommended as a safe and appropriate option for patients with achalasia. Albeit with limited experience, the procedure seems to provide excellent symptomatic relief and avoids the need for another intervention. It may be used as substitute of Heller myotomy as the standard treatment for achalasia in the future.

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