DOI: 10.1126/science.abb7167 ISSN:

Stable perovskite solar cells with efficiency exceeding 24.8% and 0.3-V voltage loss

Mingyu Jeong, In Woo Choi, Eun Min Go, Yongjoon Cho, Minjin Kim, Byongkyu Lee, Seonghun Jeong, Yimhyun Jo, Hye Won Choi, Jiyun Lee, Jin-Hyuk Bae, Sang Kyu Kwak, Dong Suk Kim, Changduk Yang
  • Multidisciplinary

Operating in wet conditions

The high efficiency of the complex organic molecule Spiro-OMeTAD as a hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cells requires the use of hygroscopic dopants that decrease stability. Jeong et al. synthesized hydrophobic fluorinated analogs of Spiro-OMeTAD as hole-transporting materials that have favorable shifting of the electronic state for hole extraction and used them to fabricate perovskite solar cells. A champion device had a certified power conversion efficiency of 24.8% and an open-circuit voltage near the Shockley-Queisser limit. These devices could maintain more than 87% of the original power conversion efficiency under 50% relative humidity for more than 500 hours.

Science , this issue p. 1615

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